In-house eDiscovery reported as key trend

An interesting article that reinforces a trend we are seeing pick up in the UK namely in-house eDiscovery.

In the article it highlights 2 parallel elements of the trend:

1. In-house eDiscovery itself, whereby companies are finding the cost and control of in-house collections and early case assessment is a practical and much more productive solution.

2.  the reaction of the outsourcers to that emerging position. Some are modifying their pricing structures so they are more in line with the in-house costs and some are even taking it further and embracing the in-house route by encouraging their customers to perform the collections and early stage analysis in-house and focusing on the latter stage full review and production elements.

The cost argument for in-house is hard to refute. You only need to be dealing with a few major matters to be able to pay off any investment in under 12 months and what’s more the in-house capability allows you to respond quicker and earlier to potential issues – big and small.

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