Donate those PCs securely

It was disappointing to see that the valid security concerns of many organisations are increasing the tendency to destroy computing assets.

Reuse in most cases is not reuse within a business but donation (or low cost sale) of those devices to deserving causes – local schools or to the developing world. Having seen, in my last job, the real difference the availability of computers makes to children in Africa it would be devastating if that avenue is closed off.

My advice would be to engage with a good charitable provider, investigate their cleaning processes and make a difference with your old kit.

One I like (as I’ve seen the great work they do in Africa) is Computer Aid International They are professional, organised and experienced. They commit to the appropriate cleaning – check them out.

Security is important, but security should not be an excuse not to do the right thing. Sure, maybe some PCs are full of too much secure data to take any risk but that’s not the case for your entire estate. Take that extra step to make a difference to disadvantaged children and families and donate (carefully).

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